The Rembrandt Restaurant, Norwich

COVID-19 Update

We are currently open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4 pm – 8 pm.

The restaurant and toilet facilities will be closed and social distancing rules will be followed. The bar is open for takeaway drinks and there are outdoor benches available to enjoy takeaway food & drink if you wish.

To keep our staff and customers as safe as possible we will be accepting card payments ONLY, please do not try to pay with cash.

Please see our limited menu below.

Burger (battered)          £1.50
Fish cake                         £1.00
Sausage                          £1.00
Jumbo sausage              £1.70
Chicken nuggets (5)      £2.00
Spring rolls                     £1.50
Saveloy                            £1.70
Pies                                  £3.50
Chicken portion             £4.00
Peas                                 £1.50
Curry sauce                    £1.50
Chips – small                 £2.00
Chips – large                  £3.00
Cod – small                    £5.00
Cod – large                     £7.00
Plaice                    From £6.00
Haddock               From £6.00
Skate                     From £7.00
Goujons – small             £4.50
Goujons – large              £7.00
Scampi (8)                       £4.50

Please see the chalk board for our fish of the day

What's On The Menu?

Our restaurant and takeaway are one of the finest around with a modern and clean environment, serving delicious and locally sourced food. Please note we are also big supporters of the Gluten Free community and therefore please enquire with our staff for all of our Gluten Free options.

Restaurant Dinner Menu
Restaurant Lunch Menu
Bar Menu